Downtown Adventures Part 2

Mon, Feb 22nd 2010 01:24 am
Super Sunday! Or so we'd hoped.

The fateful Canada vs. USA game...ended in disappointment.

We headed down to try and get into LiveCity Downtown for the game, but the line was much longer than any of us had expected. After standing around and trying to watch on a crappy screen on the side of some canvas tent thing (with bars across the screen), we began to wander around in search of a good visible TV screen. Some of the places we ended up were Future Shop, 'in line' in front of a bar, on the other side of an outdoor makeshift bar thing with clear plastic tent walls, outside the windows of some other pubs, and then finally Robson Square (GE Plaza, where the zip line is). There was a large screen there and a pretty large crowd. I stood up on a stone block so I could see quite alright, though there were moments in the game I wish I hadn't seen. Later we found out that our feed was actually delayed a bit since we heard people down the street cheering, and then five seconds later we finally saw the goal.

Downtown wasn't as lively as it had been on Friday, and I can only assume that's because it's Sunday night and people have to go to work or school tomorrow. It's still pretty insane regardless. Maybe the line up at the 'Olympic Superstore' won't be as bad on a weekday in the morning or afternoon. Will have to check that out sometime. On that note, seriously wanting one of those HBC Team Canada hoodies or jackets. Curse me and my inability to think ahead. =( Hope I can at least pick up some mittens.
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