Downtown Adventures Part 1

Sat, Feb 20th 2010 01:26 am
Took my first trip to the downtown area since the games started. Knew it would be crazy, but I never imagined it would be this crazy. It reminded me of Toronto in so many ways, except that the streets were much wider and much easier to walk on (the streets that were blocked off from cars, anyway).

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View from the balcony.

The first hurdle was getting onto the SkyTrain. A friend has a new condo right beside (and I mean right beside, as in around the corner from the entrance to the complex) Stadium station, so getting there wasn't a big deal. Getting inside was a bit more of a pain, since one of the entrances was blocked off so we had to go around. Getting on a train was a whole other issue. That definitely reminded me of the TTC during rush hour, an experience I'm not fond of and definitely not used to in Vancouver.

After getting off at Granville station, decided to try and check out the 'Official Olympic Store' at the Bay, but the lineup was reminiscent of Disneyland lines so that was a pass. Met up with some other friends instead and wandered around for a bit and made our way slowly down to Robson. Sat around the square for a while, listened to a bit of a band called Hey Ocean! before the fireworks/pyrotechnic show started at 11. That was quite fun to watch and will have to go back again for it when I've got a camera that's not low on batteries.

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During the fireworks/pyrotechnic show.

Getting back onto the SkyTrain was a disaster. And of course, we were close to the doors since we were only going one stop...but the platform was on the other side of the train. People kept pushing to get onto the train when we were trying to get out. A huge mess all around.

The entire city will be very hung over in two week's time after this constant partying for two weeks. But I don't mind it. Then again, I'm not one of the people who lives in the apartments on Robson. Heh.
ryn Feb 20th 2010
Apartment, not condo, dude.
limned Feb 20th 2010
I thought you bought it, hence a condo.
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