Men's Luge in Whistler

Mon, Feb 15th 2010 03:49 pm
A friend kindly asked me to join her family up in Whistler for the Men's Luge medal event since they had a spare ticket. Of course I was more than happy to go, since I don't have any of my own tickets to any of the events.

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We left at around 7 am to get to BCIT, where there are a bunch of shuttle buses up to Whistler. The bus took us straight to Whistler Village which was great. After brunch, we headed to the Whistler Sliding Center at Blackcomb near the Excalibur gondola. There was a security check as well, though it was much better than any security check at an airport, due to the fact that the people were much friendlier. They still dumped out water bottles and stuff though.

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It's a very long track, and had no idea that it would be such a hike to get around it. Got all the way up to the top where they were starting (originally the women's start, after the few changes they made since Friday) and then headed down again for a better spot.

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After getting a few pictures and watching some runs from the upper corners, we headed back down to the stands at the last corner and sat down in the bleachers. The view was not so great but there was a longer view of the athletes as they took corner 16, and there was the giant screen where we could watch the athletes on camera as they came down the track. Much better than getting a one-second glimpse of them on one corner.

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Unfortunately we didn't make it onto the podium, but we did make it to the top 10 so that's worth something. Canadian athletes also did improve since their Torino runs apparently, so that's also great. The final standings were:

  1. GERMANY - Felix Loch
  2. GERMANY - David Möller
  3. ITALY - Armin Zöggeler

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