Vancouver 2010 Begins

Sat, Feb 13th 2010 05:05 pm
Last night was the much-anticipated Opening Ceremony of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. And since that is covered by pretty much every other source out there, I'll mostly be just going over my thoughts on it instead. It should be noted that I have yet to see the Beijing opening ceremonies myself, so my expectations for opening ceremonies are a bit skewed from other people. That being said, Vancouver's were neither fantastic, nor a complete let-down.

I was at a local pub with a couple friends to watch the ceremony, and we had great seats right at the bar to watch the TV. There were surprisingly fewer people there than expected, but I suppose most people were at home or downtown watching instead. Actually a bunch of people left once the Canucks game was over, which they won. I think it would have been a terrible let-down had they lost. Then again, maybe they were a bit distracted.

The sequences of the show that I enjoyed most were the opening sequence with the snowboarder (minus his talking), the orca whales, and the aurora borealis. The 'prairies' part was frankly numbingly boring and really could have been cut much shorter. Aside from that, I guess the rest of it was decent. Although a bunch of people were either confused or not pleased with all the First Nations bits at the start, but let's face it, that is BC's history.

The lighting of the cauldron was just...damn funny but embarrassing as well. It'll never be lived down. And I'm still confused as to why it had been Wayne Gretzky, considering there were other candidates who seemed like they would have been much better suited for the job, but what can you do.

Frankly, I don't think it would have been half as entertaining if I hadn't gone out to watch it with some friends (and text-spamming with another in Ontario during the course of the show). That being said, I should go and borrow the DVD of the Beijing opening ceremony...

And will be going to see the luge medal event tomorrow at Whistler! Can't wait to see it. Hopefully the fixes they made to the track will be good enough.
Justin Feb 18th 2010
text spamming ftw!
limned Feb 19th 2010
Gotta make use of those 2500 texts. =D
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