Frog in a Dress

Tue, Jan 12th 2010 11:09 pm
Finally, finally got to see The Princess and the Frog. After all the hype about it, and the fact that the fate of the 2D animation department at Disney apparently rested with this film, it was inevitable that I would see it. And since it was Telus Tuesday, it was only $6 for a ticket (the lady tried to gyp us and charged full price until we pointed it out), so even if I found it not so good, it wouldn't have been as painful as it would have been if it had cost the full $11-something. It didn't disappoint, thankfully. My hopes weren't too high just to be safe, but I still did hope.

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As a bit of a step backward to the good ol' days of animation, this is definitely one of those milestone films. Quite enjoyable overall, but not quite up to par with the classics, nor with the epic 90's films. For a start, the score was very good since it was composed by the awesome Randy Newman, but unfortunately the insert songs were not the typical memorable Disney-musical songs. Frankly I'm hard pressed to even remember how the melodies went. Maybe I'm just getting old and need to hear them again.

The animation was top-notch, and I expected nothing less. Definitely something you miss seeing after all these 3D animation movies. Don't get me wrong - I love my Pixar any time of day or year, but there's just something about 2D that really stretches back.

Funnily enough though, my favourite sequence was during the heroine Tiana's solo song, "Almost There" near the beginning, where the animation becomes more simplistic as she describes her dream of opening her own restaurant (second half of the clip). Then again I've always loved that particular simplified no-lines style.

The ending was slightly different for a Disney movie as well. Apart from a 'final battle' that was lacking a little something-something, there's also a bit of a downturn for a moment that I wasn't really expecting. Regardless they made it fit.

I won't be touching on the 'controversy' about this movie here since there are plenty of other people busy doing that instead, but I will say that the New Orleans setting was definitely entertaining. Although John Goodman with his southern accent was a bit...odd and somewhat out of place. I still love his voice acting talents anyway. It gave me a mad craving for gumbo, too.

And god knows I can't say no to a bit of good jazz.
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