La Nuit est Blanche

Sun, Oct 4th 2009 10:13 am
Scotiabank sponsors an event called Nuit Blanche every year (not sure how many years it's been going on, though). Quoted straight from the site, it is 'a free all-night contemporary art thing'. There are a bunch of art 'exhibits' that are put up all over downtown Toronto, and the events begin at 6:55 pm and go all the way until sunrise, or something like that.

So friend called and asked if I wanted to go last-minute, and since it is a once-a-year event, decided to check it out. The crowds were pretty crazy. Needless to say, any food and beverage shops open yesterday probably raked in the profits, especially coffee shops. The subways were also open all night (until Eglinton station, anyway) and there were special night passes for the event.

After parking at Eglinton, we took the subway down to Bloor and walked down, because the programme claimed that there were exhibits all along that area. Well, walking all the way down to Dundas, we really saw nothing. The first thing we saw was in the Eaton Centre itself. I felt a little lied to. Anyway, there was this giant silver inflated helium rabbit inside the EC (the only thing I liked enough for a picture, actually -- will add that once I find my MicroSD adapter). Once out of there, grabbed some programmes and then went to walk around a bit. Ran into a couple other friends before carrying on. I underestimated the number of people who went. Hah.

The rest of the evening was just walking around looking for various exhibits. Ones of note (or the only ones I can remember) included a light show with the CN Tower lights set to this music mix (I quite liked it but it was pretty normal, considering the CN Tower lights are always there...), a bunch of 'celebrities' and rich people playing Monopoly... with real money, an alley with a bunch of inflated garbage bags (yes, this was the exhibit...we checked), a choir that made very strange noises, a puddle of 80-proof vodka filled with coins that people had tossed in, and blindfolded wrestling (highly amusing albeit quite fake).

Not surprisingly, passed by a large number of people in various states of inebriation, as well as a large number of (younger) people in various states of...well, being high. Guess it would be a good night to be in a different state of mind. I'm sure even the alley of inflated garbage bags would look quite different had I been drunk as well.
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