District of Basterds

Sat, Sep 19th 2009 07:53 pm
Two movies in one day is probably not the best idea. But we managed somehow.

Originally had planned to meet up with some buddies for a movie, bowling, and dinner, but the bowling was soon scrapped since none of us were interested... Anyway, so we went and watched Inglourious Basterds, which I found oddly long for no reason. It seemed like not too much happened in a bunch of scenes. The cinematography was great, though, despite it.

It just seemed that things could really have been sped up a little without losing anything in terms of the movie itself. Parts of it were funny, some were Tarantino, some were just plain...wordy. The feel and mood was set very well, though, especially with the mismatched opening credit styles, and the 'Chapters' dividing the movie into smaller parts. Overall, not bad, but not great, either.

After dinner at a Boston Pizza, we then went to another theater (AMC is surprisingly more expensive than Cineplex, with smaller screen sizes) to watch District 9. Since they're not showing it in most theaters anymore, and one buddy really wanted to see it before that happened, we went along for the ride. Enjoyed this movie quite a lot, actually. It's definitely different in style, from the whole 'documentary'-esque interviews of 'notable' people, to the often shaky camera angles. Not to mention, it wasn't too bad in terms of the story. A little predictable, I suppose, but still good. A lot of interesting takes, if you think about it, on society and people and patterns of behaviour and all that great wordy stuff.

I'm told the graphics were done in Vancouver, but sadly, they really weren't anything to write home about, so that was a big let-down. At least the rest was enjoyable, though.

Not sure if it was because of the two movies in a day or my oncoming cold, but had a huge headache after the second movie. Could be the constant exposure to massive sound systems or something. Seems like I'm getting weak... =(
fm Sep 20th 2009
My headache went away after that Taylor Swift song. Clearly it's a cure.
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