Back Again

Tue, Sep 8th 2009 08:50 pm
Back in Ontario. Those three weeks went by way too quickly. I may have spent a lot of days just sitting at home, but dammit, it felt good anyway.

The move-in was exceptionally fast this time, somehow. After moving so frequently, it becomes something like a habit. Linus may take a lot longer to get used to it, though.

The new place is not bad. Not the best, but not bad. The bedroom is very large, which is awesome. The bathroom is a bit sketchy, but it's bearable, I suppose. Kitchen is sub-par, however. There is no stove so they have a set of hotplates, which it was determined today are insufficient for properly boiling water. Might have to go and buy one of those crappy portable camping elements or something. It took a good 20 minutes at least to get any sort of bubbling in the water, too.

There are 4 other students renting rooms around, but unlike the last place, the house is much bigger so it's not so bad. One of them even works at the same place so that'll be cool, I suppose. Will have to ask him tomorrow which bus route he takes to get to work. As it stands, it looks like I'll have to walk a bit to get there, either way, which I suppose isn't the end of the world. It'll just suck when it gets cold and if it starts snowing in December.

Work starts on the 10th so that leaves me tomorrow to bum around a bit longer. Will be taking a test bus trip to see exactly how long it takes. Still debating getting a bus pass.

And speaking of transit, I hear the removal of the #351 by Translink is proving to be quite a pain in the ass for a lot of people (though plenty seem to also disagree and claim it's a much better alternative).

Clearly they need to review this better before taking out one of the most frequently used bus lines in the Lower Mainland. After having to ride the TTC during peak hours in the mornings and afternoons, it's no picnic. I would definitely not want something like that on the Skytrain, especially when a much faster alternative was previously available.
Justin Sep 10th 2009
Sounds like the new place isn't too bad minus the poor cell phone reception >_<
At least you have Kajen and Andy at work there as well!
Mei Sep 20th 2009
I've ridden the Canada Line many times now. I've concluded that the travel to downtown is faster 99% of the time, but coming back home is usually longer unless you timed your sky train ride to Bridgeport well. Oh well, it's a work in progress by Translink, I guess...
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