The Excitement Never Ends

Sun, Jul 5th 2009 01:26 am
OS has doomed us to death this weekend. Guess we really should have started sooner, but... Woulda, shoulda, coulda.

On another note, on the way home at 3:00 am, saw that there were two fire trucks that were heading toward one of the RIM buildings. Our first thoughts were, 'Fire at RIM? Who the heck would still be at RIM on a Saturday night at 3 in the morning?!'. My second thought was that one of the servers caught on fire (hah!). The fire trucks stopped just past the actual RIM building, though, at a smaller one with some other businesses. Apparently it wasn't a faulty alarm system, either (re: previous post), because shortly after, a huge plume of smoke wafted away from the building.

Couldn't determine the cause, location, or extent of the fire upon closer inspection, though. But the smoke smelled disgusting. Burning rubber or tar or something never was an appetizing aroma.

Going back to campus in the morning for an all-nighter stay-over! Will have to remember to pack a toothbrush.
fm Jul 6th 2009
Yike is watching Rush Hour 3 instead of working on it right now.
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