Robots in Disguise!

Mon, Jun 29th 2009 03:17 pm
Went almost-last-minute to see 'Transformers: Rise of the Fallen' yesterday. Of course, we didn't go in expecting a decent plot or anything like that. With that in mind, all the action scenes were CG-riffic and had bad-ass robot fight scenes.

There were obvious flaws in the so-called 'plot' as well, especially near the end, but that's not all too surprising. To be honest, I probably wouldn't have cared anyway, since I really just went in to watch the robot-ass-kicking scenes. Megan Fox in all sorts of revealing clothing and slow-motion running was a big bonus, too, of course! =D

We also noticed that this movie was very improperly rated. If memory serves me correctly, the first movie had one instance of a cuss word and some 'suggestive' themes - this one went all-out on the suggestive scenes and there was not a shortage of swear words. They did, however, hold back on the F-bomb. How considerate of them (?).

The music was decent as well, although only memorable because most of the soundtrack scores just sampled parts of Linkin Park's new single, "New Divide". There was also a song by The Fray that they seemed to have forgotten to leave room for and decided to just shove it in for a very short period of time in post-production. Green Day's "21 Guns" was also included a number of times, but for the life of me, throughout the movie I couldn't remember the title or the artist and it bugged me. Now I know, thanks to our friend Google!

In the end, came out of the theater with my CG-riffic robotic action fight scene cravings sated, but that was about it. Oh, and Shia screaming like a little girl will be one thing that won't be forgotten, and will always bring some laughs.
Jenn Jun 29th 2009
I don't know why Spielberg has made Shia his golden boy. He's so friggen offputting and unpleasant.

I'll see transformers if the chance comes up.. was pleasantly surprised with the first even with LaBouf all over it.
limned Jun 29th 2009
You can tell that Spielberg worked on it, too, 'cause it almost had an Indiana Jones feel at some parts. I really can't stand Shia, either. Hence why I found his screaming like a girl so hilarious. =)

You should watch in theaters if you can, for the CG glory. But you've been warned, no plot exists in this movie.
Jenn Jun 30th 2009
I'm hearing mixed reviews so far. I dun think plot is very important when it comes to ORGASMIC CG robot fights. But if it was there sure would help alot.
Jenn Jun 30th 2009
WTF? A 20% on tomatoes? Man that is just messed up... now I dunno.
limned Jun 30th 2009
Only a 20 on RT?! Crazy. Well, not all too surprising, I guess. Actually, it would be pretty good in IMAX, probably. We got there a bit late so we were on the far edge and couldn't really see everything all too well. But yeah, definitely something for a big screen, I'd say. CG ROBOTS, c'mon!
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