Here We Go Again--Again

Sun, May 3rd 2009 01:30 am
1:30 am and it only took 15 minutes to pack up the bulk of my luggage. Then again, most of it was already mostly in the suitcase already so I guess it doesn't really count.

Regardless, the flight is in a few short hours and then 5 hours later I'll be back in Ontario. A week really isn't long enough of a break.

On the bright sight, Linus will be joining within another week. Can't wait! =D

And P to the S, Vancouver rain really is different from Toronto/Waterloo rain. It's just how it is. Can't be explained, it is.
Jenn May 4th 2009
Let me guess.

Waterloo rain is like condensed man sweat.
Vancouver is like clear pure spring water.
limned May 4th 2009
Something like that, yeah.
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