Gettin' Outta Here

Sat, Apr 25th 2009 05:10 pm
Thus ends yet another work term. This time it really doesn't feel like 4 months. Kinda funny like that. Definitely not looking forward to the school term, though. There's still technically a few weeks left if I want to switch out of engineering and go do something I actually want to do.

Flight home to Vancouver is at 11pm tonight. Woke up at 1:30, went to grab lunch, started packing at 3:00, and I am proud to announce that I managed to finish packing in no less than 4 hours (on and off of course). Getting better at packing up my life real fast. It'd come in handy if ever I got into some sticky business and had to jump town to avoid loan sharks or mobs or whatnot... Not that I ever would. Just saying it's a handy skill.

Unfortunately, packing up my life is not as easy as deciding what to do with it. Isn't that always the story?
Jenn Apr 28th 2009
I don't like packing so last minute.

Always shit you thought you packed or you never knew you even had starts popping out when you think you're all DONE and it's URGH.

Slow and steady for me
limned Apr 28th 2009
That doesn't happen to me because I pack up everything. If something's not packed up, I can see it right away.
jenn Apr 29th 2009
Yo whatever, yo. I'll let you bask in the warmth of your own ego.
limned Apr 29th 2009
It's not ego, it's painful reality. It's not easy moving everything every 4 months, you know. =(
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