Major Meltdown

Sat, Apr 18th 2009 01:26 pm
The ASUS laptop that I got in 2007 broke down yet again. It was showing some...interesting behaviour all of a sudden on Monday night. Almost similar to what happened to it last year, but with a slight twist.

Won't go into the details of what went wrong since that might fill up an entire page of this blog, but long story short, took it in to the notebook repair center in Markham on Wednesday. The guy who took it in told me that it would take a day at most, which I found a little strange considering last year it took them over 2 weeks, but regardless he reassured me that I wouldn't need a loaner in the meantime. Got a call from them 2 hours later and was told that it was repaired. Good, right? Well, sort of. I figured either they didn't think there was anything wrong, or they just replaced the motherboard at random.

Got it back Thursday, and booted it that night. There was a message that showed up before the POST screen that never used to be there that said something about "Engineering use only - not for production". That ticked me off because I thought they'd given me a test use motherboard or something, which is not exactly good practice. Called them the next day and told them, and was told to bring it in again. After looking it up a bit, figured out that they'd given me the motherboard for the newer model, the W7Sg and it was whining about drivers. Got friend to drive there and ask for a CD with the drivers loaded on it, but they said they didn't have it. Met up with him (bus was late and then I ran) and showed them the pre-POST message. Was told it was just a setting in the BIOS which would go away once it was changed.

Later, friend realized that the problem with WinXP not booting was because the BIOS had the HDD setting as "Enhanced", a.k.a. SATA and not "Compatible", a.k.a. IDE, which XP really doesn't like. Once that was fixed, it started up again, which was a huge relief since it means I don't have to reinstall XP. Also found out that the video card was upgraded to a 9300M instead of the 8400M that came with it.

Still having some issues installing Intel Matrix Storage Manager and changing the drive setting back to SATA, but at this point I give up. Eff this.
Jenn Jun 17th 2009
Too much computer talk to fully understand but I sympathize with your troubles. Hopefully that shit will get straight soon.
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