Back in the 'Loo

Mon, Sep 8th 2008 07:02 am
Move-in went more or less alright. Unfortunately the apartment still has no Internet, no mirrors in the bathrooms, no toilet paper roll holders, no towel hangers, and tiny rooms with a huge common area. Got shafted with the smallest closet but by the time I realized it my bed was already in place and really didn't feel like moving it. Not like my wardrobe is that huge anyway.

This year's class is bigger than the old class. And more girls which is just plain crazytalk. It's weird, but might miss the old class, as much as they were kinda jackasses sometimes.

Hopefully Acanac will respond quickly and get us 'Net soon. The apartment apparently does not come with a phone line so that may take a while.

Homesick already.
fm Sep 8th 2008
Internet will take 8-10 days at least; Bell is slow. Good news is that your modem is sent with Fedex overnight, so it'll be there nice and early.
modi Sep 9th 2008
That sucks so very badly. Went online at school hoping to catch you but you don't have Internet so there's no point. =(
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