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Fri, Mar 6th 2009 05:59 pm
Went to Horseshoe Resort yesterday with the company, subsidized. First time snowboarding in Ontario. Had to rent since I didn't get to bring my own from Vancouver, but it wasn't all bad. The equipment weren't complete crap, just the bindings were frustrating.

The 'mountain' itself was...different. There were quite a few lifts and surprisingly a moderate number of runs, but unfortunately they were all quite short. Guess that's to be expected, though. In the end, felt like we were on the lifts more than we were on the runs. Plus the lifts were really shady and really slow. At least I can say I've been on a black diamond...even though it was probably a blue by Vancouver standards at best.

All in all, though, it was better than I was expecting. Next year might consider actually bringing my board and going more often. But then I'd need a car or somebody with a car. There's always gotta be an obstacle.
Justin Mar 6th 2009
Do it! Bring the board! NAO!
Jenn Mar 6th 2009
Not too shabby is a good thing!
limned Mar 7th 2009
@ Justin: I would but that means going back home first. I'm too poor to do that...

@ Jenn: Pleasantly surprised is okay too. =)
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