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Tue, Feb 17th 2009 03:54 pm
Friend suggested that we rent a car and take a road trip to Kingston and Ottawa a while ago, so on Friday, he got the Yaris and Saturday morning we took off to Kingston. It must be said that the Yaris is a ridiculously tiny car and I still hate that centered dashboard design. Keeping an eye on the meter is hard when I have to look to the side.

Got to Kingston at around 4:30 on Saturday, and met up with a friend of my friend's. He kindly showed us his workplace and we checked out the Queen's campus. Their library is just amazing. UW only wishes it had the funding for a library like that. After the Queen's mini-tour, went to dinner at a place called Lone Star, some country/Texas-themed restaurant. Had one of the most steak-gasmic filet mignons ever. After that, checked into a hotel. Unfortunately, we'd forgotten that Saturday was Valentine's Day. We did realize it later at night, however, when we also discovered how thin the walls in the hotel room were. I'll leave the rest of that one to the imagination.

The next morning, had 'brunch', bummed around, and then headed off to Ottawa. Oddly it felt longer going from Kingston to Ottawa than it did going from Toronto to Kingston, even though technically the distance from TO to Kingston is a lot longer. Anyway, got there pretty late at night, so checked into the hotel and then went out for dinner. Drove around a bit and looped around Parliament really quickly. It's a lot smaller than I thought it would be.

Monday afternoon, met up with another friend who lives in Ottawa, and he took us to the Canal for some skating. Beaver Tails are pretty good, I must say. Following Canal-skating, went to the Museum of Civilization in Hull. The exhibits are very nicely done. After the museum trip, we got a 30-minute quick-tour of Ottawa. Saw the PM's house and the Governor-General's house, and some other places.

On the drive back, unfortunately ran into a most unfortunate situation that couldn't be avoided. It may haunt me for a long time now.

Forgot to get cake after dinner. =( Oh well.
fm Feb 18th 2009
That car was hilariously tiny. Even when parking it in smelly Quebec, there was tons of room left over.
Jenn Feb 21st 2009
Nini Feb 25th 2009
waii you went all the way to Ottawa !! Do drop by Montreal some day XD sounded like a very nice trip ^__^
Justin Feb 28th 2009
Mmm I heard Lone Star was good, never tried it while I was there.
limned Mar 2nd 2009
@ Jenn: We'll hit it up sometime. =)

@ Nini: When I have more money I will have to make a long weekend trip to Montreal. You can show me the sites. =D

@ Justin: You can join us! =D
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