Fri, Feb 13th 2009 07:28 am
Went to Waterloo last weekend for doctor's appointment. Brought back the water distiller for Fish but came back to Richmond Hill and found him unfortunately...well, sushi. It's a shame he had to die alone. Was going to change the water for him too. ='(

RIP Fish (a.k.a. Sushi, a.k.a. Sir Rupert Nightlight).
A quiet companion who thrived even in the most dire of conditions.

Probably won't be getting another fish. Kind of want a cute and fluffy pet now instead that I can cuddle and curl up with. My jealousy of Ryn is quite rampant at current.

In other news, the same day I came back and found Fish afloat, my new monitor arrived! Guess it's a trade-off of sorts. Still haven't tried out the TV tuner or anything besides the VGA, but it is quite a beautiful sight. Will have to ask landlady if I can rip up the staples holding down the TV cable and try it out. Getting the Wii component cable this weekend, too. More updates once that is tested.
Jenn Feb 14th 2009
Dude, I think my dad got a similar monitor. It's the same T series I think.. i can't remmeber if it was 22 or 24 inches. Weird.

Rabbits are overrated. All they do is piss.
limned Feb 19th 2009
Ryn Mar 8th 2009
Excuse me? Mine cuddles with me in bed and licks my nose.
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