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Wed, Jan 28th 2009 04:59 pm
This post is long overdue. What better time to write it than when procrastinating PDEng?

So the new place isn't exactly an apartment, but all the other "What I Hate About My Apartment" posts are under that label so it'll be left that way. It's actually one room in a pretty large house in Richmond Hill. Unfortunately discovered that not only are there 4 people living upstairs (including myself), there are also about 3-4 in the basement as well. Let's not forget the multitude of cats that are always wandering around. To be honest, half the time I don't know how many cats the landlady actually owns. Pretty sure a few of them are random neighbourhood cats that find their way in, though.

And dear lord, those cats are disgusting. One would assume that cats would be cleaner than dogs, yet every time I venture downstairs, I'm greeted by the pungent stench of what I can only assume to be a mixture of feline vomit, feces, and urine. One time I'm pretty sure I saw two small puddles of different shades of poopiness around the laundry room. It reeked like no tomorrow. Pretty sure one or more of the cats got sick and either vomited or had diarrhea. Later found out that the litter box is actually wedged in between the washer and the dryer in the laundry room. Go figure.

The landlady's room is across the hall from mine, and down the hall is one of the other co-ops from UW, and further down the hall, closest to the bathroom, is a relative of the landlady's. Was very peeved to find out that this upper floor of the house is incredibly quiet due to the fact that said landlady's relative apparently turns in at around 8pm at night. That means tiptoeing to the bathroom and having to brush my teeth as quietly as possible. Actually, I'm pretty sure I've woken up the landlady several times when I went to the bathroom.

Last night, was greeted online by one of them Rogers "you used up all your bandwidth pirating crap, now you gotta pay extra for every GB of transfer" pages. Turns out there's only 60GB of bandwidth for the entire place. That's me and the other co-op dude down the hall, and the 3-4 people downstairs whom I can only assume also use the internet. It's pushing it, if you ask me. With how much money she probably rakes in from so many people renting rooms, I'd think the landlady would at least bother to get the Rogers Internet that's got a little more bandwidth. Whatever. At least they don't cut people off anymore.

There is one saving grace of this place, though. It's only a 15 minute walk from work, which means I don't need to spend another $100+ per month on a bus pass. It does hurt to walk what with these constant snowfalls and feels-like-less-than-20 temperatures, but we endure. Oh, and the Chinese supermarket and bakery is only 5 minutes away. Sure to be my doom by the end of the term when I discover I've gained 20 pounds.
Jenn Feb 14th 2009
I didn't think the cats were THAT bad. yo that's mega gross but at least you have decent amenities~
limned Feb 19th 2009
Yeah, it's bearable. I just never was much of a cat person.
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