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Wed, Jan 7th 2009 09:34 pm
Successfully moved into a new place in Richmond Hill for the start of my 5th work term. When it's put that way, it seems kind of scary, how many jobs I've had already. It's not quite over yet, either. Hopefully this one will make writing the work report a lot easier than it was the last two times.

Renting a room in a house with several other people. It's a nice and quiet neighbourhood which is good, but the bad part is that it's winter and getting to the main street will be difficult. Walking to work won't be a piece of cake, either, but I guess it'll be a good workout. Just wish there could be more melting of snow and less piling of snow. And no flooding like back in Vancouver.

Got a cold a few days ago which, mixed with my cat allergies (3 in the house that I could count), means death for my nose. Can't tell which is worse at the time, but I can say frankly that it sucks quite a bit. Been here half a day and already the garbage can is half filled with tissues. Gross. This better be gone by the time I start work on Friday.
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