Fri, Jan 2nd 2009 12:02 pm
Happy new year! Let's hope that 2009 doesn't suck as badly as 2008. Come on, economy! You can do it! I believe in you! Sort of.

Whistler was great fun. Lots of snow while we were there. Thankfully not horrendously cold. Got massive blisters on my heels though so couldn't go on the last day. It was all good anyway since we walked around the village and looked around. Had a $60 fondue dinner while we were up there, too. Possibly the most expensive dinner I've had that I paid for myself.

The drive up there was quite perilous and quite...slow. 10 kph on some stretches of the Sea to Sky. Honestly, it wasn't even bad enough that we had to put on tire chains, yet some people are just too overly cautious. Thankfully it rained a little while we were up on the mountain so the drive down was pretty good except when we were swerving around on ice for a good 10 seconds just out of Squamish. We had a good driver though so we made it alive. Hehe.

And now that it is all done and gone, I wish we could have stayed up there a little longer. Just to be able to relax. But I guess I really am too poor for that...
ryn Jan 2nd 2009
Yeah, that's right.

Bet your scrawny little ass that your driver pwns.
limned Jan 2nd 2009
Hey now, I think my ass is a little more rotund than scrawny, and definitely not little. =(
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