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Mon, Nov 24th 2008 01:38 pm
[It's been bothering me that I honestly don't have a lot to write in this blog anymore. Without things to complain about the apartment or school, apparently there's not much to blog about. Perhaps I should come up with a theme to write about. But I'll leave discussion of that for later.]

Went to TO yesterday. Managed to get the 2:30pm bus out of Kitchener and got to Toronto by 4. Went to Eaton Centre, loitered a bit, looked for a book (did not find it), gave a friend back his things that he'd left at our place, and bought a new winter jacket. Also had some minor amnesia. Couldn't remember if it was December or not. Honestly, the moment I stepped inside the mall, it felt like I should be Christmas shopping already. It's not even December. What can I say? Commercialism.

The Swarovski tree is, as always, all sparkly and stunning. There were a lot more people taking pictures of it than I usually remember, though. Maybe I just never noticed it before.

Had dinner at a sushi place up in Markham. One of the waiters seemed to really detest his job. Put into perspective, I guess my current job situation isn't all that bad. Just need to settle with something. Speaking of which, not looking forward to the weather forecast of 'Rain-Snow Mix' for my interview tomorrow.
Justin Nov 25th 2008
Kenneth and I were at the Eaton centre too! Just much much later in the evening. Sounds like a decent day at least. And I told you it could be difficult to blog without a topic in mind ;0)
limned Nov 30th 2008
You were right about that one... But no worries! We'll think of something.
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