Attempted QoS

Tue, Nov 18th 2008 12:06 am
Tried and failed to watch Quantum of Solace three times this weekend. Quite disappointing.

Friday night, friend from Toronto came down to visit. We told him to meet up with us at the movie theater. He got there first somehow and called us, saying, "Abort mission! All shows sold out for the evening." Talk about a kick in the nuts. Ended up just going to McD's for ice cream and then headed back home.

Woke up late Saturday afternoon, but then roommate and friend said, "Let's go see Bond! We have to leave now." Tried to leave as quickly as possible, but barely missed the bus. Too lazy to wait for the next one so we decided to pass the 4:00 show and just go for the 6:50 show instead.

Left the apartment at 5:50 and went to the bus stop. It started slushing quite hard. We made an impromptu shelter out of our four umbrellas, which actually worked very well. Bus was ridiculously late so we ended up calling a cab instead. Got to the theater, went inside, and what do you know, all shows sold out yet again. Really should have bought advance tickets. After that, we walked outside through the slushy weather and just went to Kelsey's.

And I still have yet to see Quantum of Solace...
Justin Nov 19th 2008
Make sure you watch or at least remember Casino Royale before hand, it's definitely needed. Although if you miss QoS in theaters you're not missing much
fm Nov 21st 2008
This summer... the Original Bond is back.

"My name is Bond, I don't remember my first name."

Sean Connery is James Bond, 00-70.
limned Nov 21st 2008
@ Justin: I'll make sure to rewatch before I go, if I ever do go. =P

@ fm: Where is that from? I must see this.
fm Nov 24th 2008
That would be from a really old episode of 'This hour has 22 minutes'. Can't seem to find that show anywhere.
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