Holiday Treats

Sun, Nov 2nd 2008 11:31 am
Went out to buy discounted Halloween candy yesterday. What happened to all the good stuff? It was ridiculously hard to find any of the brand-name stuff in larger packages.

They put out candy canes and advent calendars already. Guess there's no break between holidays for retailers.
Justin Nov 3rd 2008
See the time to buy the good discount candy is on the day of Halloween, alot of places will try to get rid of it the day of. Btw, what happened to drinking/lunch this weekend? Lol did you get your lab finished? Lots of work coming up!
limned Nov 3rd 2008
I'll have to remember to go on Halloween day next year then! Haha.
I completely blanked this weekend! =( We got our lab finished today. Perfect demo! =D
This Friday or Saturday night we will go, I swear! I will pay you back in full for the concert and stuff.
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