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Tue, Oct 21st 2008 06:52 pm
Really didn't want to make this blog a 'What I Hate About My Apartment' blog but things just get worse and worse.

There are 4 floors in the building, with about 5 suites per floor minus the first, where there's only 3 or 4. There are 5 tenants in each suite. On the first floor is the laundry room, which, to everyone's dismay, only contains 2 washers and 2 dryers. That's 2 of each for the entire building.

Tried out one of them once in September. That particular machine apparently was half-broken because it didn't go through a spin cycle. Clothes came out drenched and had to stand there wringing everything out by hand before tossing them in the dryer (which, thankfully, are fine minus that they're not that strong and need at least 2 runs to get fully dry clothes). A couple weeks ago, roommate notified us that that machine eats coins and doesn't work. Well, great. At least the other machine still works, right?

Dragged my stuff downstairs yesterday because I'm running low on socks. So one of the machines eats coins. Tested it out just in case. Wasted $1.25 on that. The other one had the side panel of the coin slot on the floor but otherwise seemed fine. Tried that one. Took the coins and started putting out water fine. Tossed everything in there and waited for it to start. When it started, it seemed to go really sluggishly and made a low grinding noise that it shouldn't have been making. Feeling unsure, decided to check back on it five minutes later.

Came back down ten minutes later or so, and at the corner before reaching the laundry room, heard a really loud noise. Ran into the laundry room to find the machine going like it had no breaker or something. It honestly seemed possessed or something since it was going at an abnormally fast speed for a rinse cycle. Fearing the worst, took out all the clothes (which were still sopping, of course, since it hadn't done a spin cycle and was still pouring out water for the rinse cycle) and wrung them out again by hand. Had to hand wash some other stuff. A good waste of $2.50 and a lot of time. My hands are very raw and sore now.

Landlord has been notified by email but no reply yet. Getting a bit ticked off about this. The nearest laundromat is a good 30 minutes away, and with the weather turning snowy soon, would prefer not having to go that far with laundry.

But such is the life of poor college students.
fm Oct 26th 2008
Laundromat is *not* 30 minutes away. The one next to Pizza Nova is at most 15 minutes walking. I used to go there all the time in the winter.
limned Oct 26th 2008
From Albert and Columbia, it's definitely not 15 minutes. Not with my stubby legs. Not to mention the extra weight of laundry will slow me down even more.
fm Oct 27th 2008
This add comments button fails at lyfe if you forget to fill in a field. Now I have to retype my comment...

So don't carry 5 loads at the same time. I used to walk from the building next to yours with WET laundry. Made ~U~ come with me for no reason whatsoever.
Jenn Oct 29th 2008
Dude you should have just left your clothes in there and let it finish up. My old washer was messed too at home and seriously JUMPED continuously and made the loudest thumping noises. Kinda like two invisible people are screwing on top of the washer. Clothes came out fine though!
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