Thu, Oct 16th 2008 07:17 pm
Went to Toronto Zoo on Sunday. Frustratingly and disappointingly forgot to take camera, so only had crappy cell phone for photos. Will post the few photos I did manage to get on Picasa or in the Gallery. The elephants were awesome. Same with the tigers.

Didn't realize how big it was until we got there too. Good thing it was really great weather. A little on the cool side so when we went inside the tropical exhibits it wasn't sweltering hot.

Apparently there's going to be a new Korean exhibit to be built there. Would be interesting to go see it once it's completed.

Update: Added craptacular cell phone photos to Picasa.
fm Oct 19th 2008
The polar bears were under construction :(
limned Oct 19th 2008
Yeah, that was disappointing. =( Maybe next time we go (with a real camera) they'll be fully reconstructed.
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