So It All Begins...Again

Wed, Sep 17th 2008 06:42 am
According to the CECS website, information sessions for companies already started since the 8th. That would be the Monday that classes started on campus. Not the best timing, considering all of the frosh will have no idea what's going on, and most of the returning students will be too occupied with completing their work term reports to actually do much. The first week of school is usually a bad time for that kind of thing, anyway.

By pure luck yesterday, passed by a poster advertising an info session for Blue Castle Games. It just so happened that it was scheduled for 6pm. The same day. We still don't have Internet at home, so why the hell not? It's a game company, it's in Vancouver (Burnaby), and info sessions give out free things. Plus, there were free drinks involve after the session. Totally win-win-win.

They wanted to do things 'differently' so their raffle prizes were a $200 gift certificate for Future Shop, and a free ticket for a sky diving trip. Long story short, next summer I will be free-falling from a plane.

Now the company itself is definitely something I jump at the chance to work for. First of all, they make vidya games. The other pluses (from my point of view) are that it's a smaller company, and they are very laid-back in their attitude. Not that they are inefficient or unproductive, but that they are not one of those typical towered corporations. After my previous job, I decided that I'd much prefer one of the smaller, 'flat' companies, if it really came down to it. Not saying I would pass up Google or Microsoft if I ever had the chance, but just another criterion.

Will have to take the time and effort this term so I can score a job that I actually want.
Jenn Sep 17th 2008
You shouldn't sky dive.

That is way too crazy. VALUE YOUR LIFE
Justin Sep 17th 2008
So you won sky diving lessons? Pretty cool! I had a friend who had an offer from Blue Castle games, don't remember why he didn't take it though. Don't worry about the job, you'll get something awesome I'm sure, you made this awesome site right? Maybe show them a modified version or something, you know, with less cussing and complaining and you'll get something great ^_^
limned Sep 18th 2008
But I've always wanted to do skydiving. I wanted to go once after midterms but it was too expensive and I had no time to go. Now is my chance! =D

And thanks for the support, Justin. =)
kyung Sep 18th 2008
OMG!!! SKYDIVING~~~~ that's way too cool. i'm so jealous. that's like...a billion times cooler than bungee jumping!!
Whitie McTallster Sep 23rd 2008
That's awesome! When you mentioned Blue Castle Games, I was certain I had heard the name before somewhere, and it turns out I'd read about them at
That's a great website to check out if BCG falls through and you want to solicit your own coop job.
limned Sep 23rd 2008
Oh, snap. How come you didn't show me that site before?! Haha.

Thanks for the link. Definitely will be useful. =D
Eric Sep 24th 2008
Yeah I don't know why I didn't. I guess it was over the summer when I dropped off the face of the earth. :P
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